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Toronto’s Indie Artist Shah is Lit in Atlanta While He’s Trapped in America

This time last year, Trap’s newest star, Shah, made his way to the A from Toronto. The indie artist’s record “Pay Day 71” was booming all over the airwaves and throughout the strip clubs including legendary spot, Magic City, which is known for breaking records and blowing up artists like Future, Migos, and more

His jumpstart in flourishing in Atlanta’s underground music industry came from the rumors of being trapped in America and being sent to the south due to the injustice he faced when trying to cross international borders. His latest single, “Just Text” dominated the music scene way before its official release last year on May 12th, 2017.

Although the track feels fun, the inspiration behind it sings a different tune. He wrote the record while being detained for 12 hours by the Department of Homeland Security. Since then, Shah has been stuck in the US. He is unable to leave the country to go back home to Toronto because if he does, he will again be detained and banned entry to the US for up to 10 years. Still, one can’t help but to wonder how viral his music could go outside of ATL if only he opened up more about his experiences…

Atlanta has been showing him a lot of love. Its obvious the impact that Atlanta has had on Shah’s music, a natural born Toronto lyricist switched up his flow with the vibrant cadence of trap. He stated that the Atlanta DJs like Magic City DJ Outlaw 3000 and Coalition DJs like DJ Shawty Rock and DJ Westide have taken him in like family.

Inside resources from his team state he is working on new music for 2018. He’s completed three songs including “Something In The Way” which features a Kurt Cobain sample. The three songs possess feminists references that call out the gender wage gap, which is a continuous theme that is heard throughout all of Shah’s music, very much like his previous single “Pay Day 71.”

Shah’s energizing sound, thought-provoking bars paired with his stimulating lyricism have earned him accolades to be named one of Toronto’s top new rappers. His music is satisfying to a variety of fans, fans who are seeking the gratification of mumble rap and those who long for storytelling and timeless lyrics. The Canadian rapper is able to attain support from local fans so quickly from his ability to transcend rap’s divisions: from the classics versus the mumble rap to Drake versus Kendrick. As we’ve already heard with his latest single, “Just Text” Shah has the capability to combine the mainstream relatability of Drake with the powerful yet creative delivery of K Dot.

Shah is the latest rapper to thrive without major record labels and defined genres, making his way to hip hop stardom. In spite of all the obstacles he has faced he is on his way to becoming rap’s first truly independent international superstar. Through it all he is still remains a hungry, humble and honest artist trapped in America.

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