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Washington Heights Rapper Steve Young Has New Music Coming Soon

Washington Heights’ lyrically bred innovator, Steve Young is back with new music ! Increasing the anticipation, Young released the incredibly detailed cover art for his forthcoming album last week. His clever play on words paired with enticing storytelling abilities enable him to take the underground rap game by storm. Young uses his music to express the untold stories of economical and social hardships of growing up in the streets of Washington Heights.

"When you grow up in the gutter you have nowhere to go but up. Failure is not an option " Steve Young mentions.”

Growing up, Steve Young had to hustle in the streets to survive. As he got older he realized rapping full time was his only way to stay out of the streets and to avoid going to jail. Since, his singles have been played by top radio stations in major cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago. Steve Young is much more than a lyrically precise rapper, he's a brand. Wanting to do more with his music, the New York rap star went on to establish one of the largest urban movements in the city called Real Famm Entertainment which he founded in 2007. Real Famm Entertainment has a strong network with DJs, promoters and venue owners. Presenting some of the hottest events and flooding the local clubs with new music on a weekly basis - reaching his audience by any means necessary. The Real Famm platform is utilized to give voices to the voiceless, a face to those forgotten, and to show a side of Washington Heights that has never been seen before. His upcoming project Blood Sweat & Tears is set to drop at the end of October. Throughout the project Steve Young touches on everything that he’s been going through over the last six months and the transition from the streets to the music. Steve Young’s work ethic, dedication, skills and time for music make him a force that can’t be reckoned with. Make sure to stream 'Blood Sweat & Tears' on October 26th, 2018 and let us know what you think!

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