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Wiz Khalifa Has A New Oreo Song That Can Be Heard Straight From The Cookie!

The creamy stuffed cookie company, Oreo, has tapped Wiz Khalifa and his son Sebastian to star in its new “Stay Playful” campaign. As the Grammys slowly approaches, it’s only a matter of time before the innovative marketing companies and musical artists team up. Although ad space for the Grammys is nothing like it is for the Super Bowl, it's still one of the biggest and most viewed events in the music realm. With the help of Wiz and his son Sebastian, Oreo will be introducing their latest campaign to the world.

In the 15-second commercial, Wiz is seen on the phone when he holds up a finger and mouths to his son, Sebastian—who clearly wants to play—to hold on. When he gets off the phone and is ready to play, Sebastian, on a toy phone, holds up his finger and makes his dad wait. The two then get to playing, while they enjoy eating Oreos. This is the first time Wiz and Bash team up on a business project, and what a kick start!

The commercial isn’t the best and most innovative part though, in fact the campaign includes a brand new song from Wiz Khalifa. The track will literally be available to play on an Oreo cookie. Using creative technology, Oreo is rolling out a limited-edition Music Box that will be able to play tunes straight from an Oreo cookie. Mind blowing, right?! The new Wiz joint will be exclusive to Oreo's Music Box. The cookie works exactly as a record would on mini turntables. Just place an Oreo cookie on the Music Box, slide the record arm in place and you're good to go!

The ad's soundtrack, with lyrics about being playful, is sung by the 10-time Grammy nominee who has millions of fans. Wiz is super excited about the opportunity, he goes on to say:

"Releasing a song on a cookie is crazy. Because it’s like technology has been so advanced these days and to incorporate something that is really really classic and then bring it up to date with the technology… it’s good for the kids, it’s good for everybody but it’s also just super cool - like it’s fun to see."

Keep an eye out for the full clip during the Grammy Awards this Sunday!

Watch the short clip of the commercial below.

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