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YNW Melly's Father, Donte Taylor Drops "Melly On My Mind" Following Rapper's Death Penalty News

Updated: May 2, 2019

Earlier this year, Florida rapper YNW Melly was Arrested for an alleged double murder of his two friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

Initially it was reported that the two YNW affiliates were killed by a drive by shooting. Last week it was revealed that if proven guilty on all counts that he’s being charged on, Melly will be facing the death penalty. Since the allegations, fans have spoken up on behalf of the Floridian star and so has his mother as she has reached out to his fans, and has been seen crying while listening to his music.

The latest news is that his father with his version of dealing with the incarceration of his by coming forward and remixing Melly's breakout hit song "Murder On My Mind." Donte "Tha Gift" Taylor, Melly’s dad, kicks off the track by pleading his son’s innocence before transitioning into how he didn’t raise a killer. In the music video by YNW Melly's dad, he also shares a number of throwback pictures of Melly as a youngin.

According to Complex, it's still unclear as to whether or not Donte is actually Melly's father but sources close to the rapper have confirmed their relationship. The close source is a man who’s a close friend of the family and claims to have grown up with Melly's mother and father, says the man on the new record, singing the “Murder On My Mind” remix is legitimate.

Although the track isn’t mixed and mastered very well at all, the attempt is really all that matters and you can see where YNW Melly got his musical talent from. Clearly, his father had a big influence on him. YNW Melly is currently awaiting a court date to be set for his murder trial and his lawyer recently spoke out about fears that they lyrics for his hit song 'Murder On My Mind' would be used in court as prosecutors are now alleging that the lyrics paint a vivid picture of his murderous plot to kill his two friends.. Check out Melly’s dad’s side of the story in the latest version of “Murder On My Mind.”

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