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Nas Is Gearing Up To Release A Children's Book Titled, "I Know I Can"

Following the teasers about the release of Nas’ ‘Lost Tapes II’ it seems as though the Illmatic rapper is writing a children’s book. Education starts in the home and Nas is extending it worldwide.

On Thursday (June 13th), Nas took to Instagram to announce the news that him and Mass Appeal teamed up to launch a kids brand called “MAJR” by posting, “My first kids book is on the way.”

Nas posted a photo of the apparent book cover, which is appropriately titled “I Know I Can” after his 2002 hit song, “I Can.” MAJR launches a selection of apparel available with matching designs for parents and children. The first toy in the collection, “Boomblox”, is a set of building blocks that form into an old-school boombox which has also been announced and set to take place in the fall.

In addition to apparel and toys, an essential part of the new brand will be a collection of kids’ books driven by some of the biggest names in hip hop. To kick off the collection is the “I Know I Can” book series, which is inspired by Mass Appeal co-owner Nas’ hit song “I Can.”

Although the book’s release date has yet to be announced, the brand’s mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to inspire future generations through the creation of unique toys, apparel, and innovative learning tools. Major is here to reflect the diverse hues of both the modern family and popular culture, because education starts in the crib.”

The book is listed on MAJR’s official website as a part of a series to “empower kids to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.”

Nas goes on to say.

“I’ve always understood the limitless power of young people, and being a father has brought it even closer to home.We’re introducing MAJR to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. Our goal is to help children of all backgrounds fully realize their potential by tapping into their creativity in new and innovative ways.”

Stay tuned as the legendary Queensbridge MC plans to help our children start off on the right path!

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